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Services | Criminal Law

Felony and misdemeanor cases;
Drug cases - There may be special programs for first time young offenders, in order to avoid convictions. A drug conviction, may lead to deportation for "non" U.S. citizens.

D.W.I. - With new laws in effect, an accused needs to know all the consequences of a conviction, before agreeing to plea guilty to an offense of D.W.I. D.W.I. defendant's driver's license will automatically be suspended, unless a hearing is requested within 20 days of the arrest. If driver's license is suspended an occupational driver's license may be requested.

Theft - A theft conviction on your record may have serious consequences.

Assault - Assault cases on family members can lead to felony charges. If the accused is not a U.S. citizen, an assault(family violence) conviction may result in deportation from this country.

Bond Hearings;
If no bond has been set, a bond amount may be requested. If the bond is set too high, a bond reduction may be requested.

Expunction Orders/ Nondisclosure Orders
If you were arrested on a criminal matter and never prosecuted or if the case was dismissed, you may be entitled to have your criminal arrest and records regarding that offense expunged(erased).

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