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This law firm strives to provide affordable, quality
legal services to our community and small businesses.


Legal Fees

The Firms' Legal fees are generally based on an hourly basis of $200.00 per hour. Depending on the complexity of the legal services to be provided, an advance payment of from 3 to 10 hours plus cost of court is required.

Criminal cases are charged a flat fee for legal services. A flat fee is charged, if the case is disposed of without the necessity of a trial. An Additional trial fee is charged if pre-trial motions or trial is requested.

Legal Fees on Personal Injury cases are based on a contingent fee. (No fee if no recovery)

Traffic Ticket legal fees start as low a $35.00 per violations if the ticket is not in warrant and start as low as $80.00 per violation if the ticket is in warrant.

Payment arrangements are available.

First consultation is free.

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